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BioDiversity Solutions Australia

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Who We Help

  • Farmers & Rural Land owners
  • Developers, Mines & Infrastructure Projects
  • Corporations & Philanthropists
  • Government Departments & Local Councils
  • Accredited Assessors



- want to establish a biodiversity stewardship site,

- have credits for sale, or

- need credits
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The NSW Government has committed $240 million over five years to support conservation on private land and $70 million for each following year. Read more

BDS is a privately owned company, assisting people and organisations throughout NSW to benefit from the NSW Biodiversity Offset Scheme.

What We Do

Project management – assist people through the complex process of the Biodiversity Offset Scheme - establishing a Biodiversity Stewardship site, offsetting a development site, generating, selling and buying credits and associated activities.
Broking – assist buyers and sellers of Biodiversity credits to source and execute timely & efficient transactions.
Land Management – assist Stewardship Site owners to successfully manage their site.

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