Helping participants of the NSW Biodiversity Offset Scheme

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Developers - Urban & Agricultural,

Mining Companies,

Infrastructure Projects Companies

The new Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 introduced lower thresholds for developments requiring offsets and the need to enter the Biodiversity Offset Scheme. This will mean more demand for credits. We can:

  • advise you of your requirements and options for offsetting your development
  • find suitable credits for your development
  • arrange the purchase of credits
  • assist in registering, transferring and retiring credits with the OEH & BCT

Philanthropists & Corporations

Biodiversity credits can be retired for reasons other than development. Corporations, organisations and individuals may also establish Stewardship Sites or purchase credits to secure and protect biodiversity for environmental and philanthropic objectives. We can:

  • Explain how to use the Biodiversity Offset Scheme for this purpose
  • Help you set up a Biodiversity Stewardship Site or purchase credits
  • Help you retire your credits
  • Manage ongoing maintenance, reporting, and auditing of your Biodiversity Stewardship site


Assessors are the key to the Biodiversity Offset Scheme. We can:

  • Refer assessment work to you
  • Find and match buyers and sellers of credits
  • Provide independence when collaborating and negotiating between parties

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Farmers & Rural Landholders

Would you like to generate profit and income from land that may not be suitable for farming or other purposes?

We can help you realise a financial return on your land by generating biodiversity credits. The Biodiversity Offset Scheme can be complex. To assist you we:

  • Provide independent advice on the suitability of your land
  • Explain the benefits and risks of different options
  • Simplify and help you through the steps of establishing a Biodiversity Stewardship Site
  • Remove the complexity & volume of work involved in the process
  • Assist in generating and registering credits with OEH & BCT
  • Develop & implement an effective Credit sale strategy to maximise returns
  • Provide ongoing site management, reporting and auditing services

BDS will provide an initial free consultation to explain the Biodiversity Offset Scheme to you. contact us

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Local Councils and Government Departments

New legislation and offset thresholds will increase the workload on local government and LLS. We can help:

  • find and match credits for government project offset requirements
  • interpret threshold requirements of Development Applications
  • provide feedback from various stakeholders - landholders, assessors, developers
  • manage ongoing offset Stewardship Site maintenance and improvement

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